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ASCEND study coordinators

ASCEND Study Doctors and Other Research Staff

ASCEND Senior Administrators

Jill Barton, Lucy Fletcher, Ryonfa Lee, Kevin Murphy

The ASCEND study is co-ordinated by a group of experienced Clinical Trial Managers led by Jill Barton.

ASCEND study administrators

ASCEND Study Administrators

(Sandra Pickworth, Patricia Achiri, Monique Willet, Sue Fathers)

A team of highly dedicated staff run the ASCEND study on a day to day basis, mailing out questionaires, processing the returned follow-up forms and dealing with questions from ASCEND participants.

ASCEND Study Computer Programmers

ASCEND Study Computer Programmers

(Back: Allen Young, Jolyon Cox, Mike Lay, Will Stevens, Rijo Kurien, Yonghong Bu Front: Xianonan Guo, Karl Wallendszus, Ola Murawska)

Every part of the ASCEND study, from getting the study medication sent out on time to analysing the data, depends on computer programs created by a team of highly experienced progamming staff lead by Mike Lay (centre back).

ASCEND Study nurses    

Jude and Louise

(Jude Black and Louise Young)

Jude trained as a nurse before working in research. She also works on the Million Women Study co-ordinated by the University of Oxford.

Louise worked for 7 years as a critical care nurse before joining ASCEND as a research nurse in August 2014.